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Damp walls.

Damp walls are a major problem in Ireland and not just in old buildings. The cure however is not a problem. There are a number of solutions in dealing with damp walls and in particular ‘rising damp’ which is often misdiagnosed. The aim must always be to maintain the integrity of the building. Therefore we avoid drilling vast numbers of holes in your property and recommend the use of more eco- friendly products wherever possible.

In our experience, especially in old buildings, the best way to deal with damp walls is to first locate and repair the cause of the moisture penetration. Next, hack off any plaster and let the walls dry out. When the walls have dried out we recommend using a breathable, lime based plaster, that allows any moisture to escape, thus preventing any build-up of moisture and trapping it in the walls. Where this is not possible we treat the walls and apply a damp proof plaster creating a barrier that prevents moisture penetration.

A major contributor to damp walls is sometimes as simple as bad ventilation so good ventilation is a must. There are ways to ventilate your property and still keep the place warm by clever use of insulation.
Our surveyors will determine the exact cause of dampness and recommend the best possible cure.